April 11, 2021


Morris and I have been traveling around Asia, Australia and dipped our toes into Europe.

Our aim is to explore countries off the tourist trail and to discovered the unique landscape, history, and culture of nations.

As with many travelers we want to explore countries guided by our interests. We hope to uncover the beauty of orchards hidden in the national parks of Myanmar, the markets of Cambodia or the flavors of tea from Sri Lanka.

Yet being tourists with time limits we’ve found this aim to be verging on impossible. Language, local knowledge, time and a dash of risk reluctance has limited our travel.

Now our kids have left home we’ve decided to extensively travel, live and play in another outside our homeland of Australia.

We hope to share our experiences as older travelers who seek to uncover hidden treasures, but stay in the comfort of five-star hotels, at least not in backpacker hostels.

Dr Morris Averill

For most of my working life I’ve worked as a lawyer, specialising in advising artists and film makers.

I was raised on a farm in rural New Zealand and began practicing as a film lawyer in London during the 1980’s.

Time out for me is critical, and while books and films have always been important today it’s gardening, flower, travel and photography that have captivated my world.

In recent years Mary and I have been involved in tourism and accommodation. In doing so both of us are committed to searching the world for a model of tourism that has the least impact on the natural and community environments.

We have travelled to Myanmar twice. The first time in 2011 with our younger children, then in 2016 by ourselves.

Each time we fell in love with this country, its beauty, it’s uniqueness and the lifestyle.

We hope that you will join us in visiting the country and hope we can help to make your holiday safe, secure and unforgettable.


There must be few jobs that I haven’t tried. I’ve worked in jails, classrooms, in creating online businesses to being a journalist to name few of these.

However for the past 7 years I’ve dedicated my working life to accommodation and tourism. The most important aspect of this work for me is making holidays unique for every person.

Every person has an interest, every person has a need and as an adviser considering both of these are critical.