January 16, 2021

Zoom Travel: Evolving Travel Advertising From Pictures To Personal

As international and domestic planes lay idle, frustrated travelers dream on.  With the audience confined online, the Tourism Industry is presented with a unique opportunity to create advertising that is personalized and engaging through Zoom.

Potentially most definitely yes. Yet only if the online delivery is reliable, professional and offers an engaging host.

What’s The Potential Of Zoom Travel?

  • Zoom Travel offers personal engagement.
  • Could provide personalized education to traveling audiences.
  • Draw people off well-established tourist trails to new and exciting adventures.
  • Target an audience will unusual interests to allow them to question an expert.

How Does Zoom Travel Work?

Pilot One:

Sammy Samuels, caretaker of Yangon’s Musmeah Yeshua, welcomes fourteen Zoom members from across the ocean to his community’s Synagogue.

After providing a quick explanation of the history of the Jewish community in Myanmar, Sammy directs camera’s to visually explore Synagogue’s secrets.

With cameras still cruising the streets, and inside, Sammy invites the audience to ask questions, most are expected, some coming completely from left field.

What Is Different About Zoom Travel Advertising?

To date, selling travel has relied on glossy brochures of lonely beaches, sunsets, wonderous buildings that glimmer at dawn or wide-open rivers. Zoom offers a new dimension, a connection, an engagement between people across the world with the caretakers of unique destinations.

“I’ve always loved traveling to see incredible destinations and immerse myself in new cultural experiences.  What worked was talking to Sammy before I’ve made a decision on where travel” said Gowan, Pilot One.

“So, I did feel a connection, and I’d never imagined there would be a Synagogue, and such a beautiful one in Myanmar”.

How Can The Travel Industry Use Zoom Travel?

Could Zoom Travel draw tourists to a new country?

Myanmar, for example, is surrounded by popular travel destinations; Thailand, India, and Vietnam.   Yet this forgotten nation has stunning attractions, but a tiny fraction of the tourist market.

Using Zoom Travel Myanmar can capture a new audience offering off the beaten track destinations; festivals, villages, and of course Inle Lake.

Imagine as a traveler browsing through photos of Ayutthaya in Thailand, or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Up pops an advertisement offering a chance to speak to the Shaman in an isolated Animist Village.

One camera is interviewing the Shaman, another is wandering through the wooden village, as pigs run riot.  The host, based in Yangon opens the mike to a traveler sitting in New York to ask a question.  Imagine the questions, “would you sacrifice a pig for the birth of a new child?” Or discussing some of their unique rituals, such as the Flocking Festival.

That’s the engagement on offer and that could open the market for travelers seeking new adventures.

Back in the Synagogue something unexpected has happened.   “Sammy, those Rattan chairs are stunning, can you take the camera up close?”

Rattan chairs?   “I’ve got a story about those Rattan chairs,” says Sammy and so the conversation continues.

Who would have thought that someone would ask about chairs, in a Synagogue!  It’s a reminder that all travelers have varied interests and seek different tourism experiences.

What Are The Risks Of Taster Travel?

The technology problems in Pilot One were extensive:

  •  The internet crashed
  • There were areas where reception failed
  • The picture of a moving camera froze or was delayed
  • Users were delayed in joining the meeting
  • And so many more

Feedback for Taster Travel:

The audience response was varied.  Some people felt a real engagement, however one person commented “it was just like any other Zoom meeting I’ve been to,” and “allow people to chose their visibility.”

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