January 24, 2021

Inle Lake, Myanmar: Unique And Beautiful

Inle Lake, its advertised as the Venice of the East but it’s beauty far outweighs anything else in Myanmar, or the world.

While it is a major tourist destination, and pricey, Inle Lake is definitely worth every moment of time spent there.

Communities are set around an extensive water mass, with boat taxi’s shuffling between villages, sites and hotels.

Quick review:

Difficulties: This is easy comfortable tourism. Wheelchair or access with a walking stick maybe difficult, particularly getting water taxis.

Food: Nothing outstanding

Access to services: As with anywhere in Myanmar it’s a case of be prepared.

Toilets. Check distances from hotel. Drop toilets are common.

Cell access/emergencies: Not good.

Access to health services: Unknown.

Comfort: Prices of hotels range as do the services but our stay at the Myanmar Treasure Resort. Lovely place where the rooms literally hang over the water. Accessible to anywhere outside the hotel is by water taxis which are pricey.

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