April 11, 2021

Cafe’s In Yangon: Old Eain Cafe: Food Review

Old Eain Café is a quiet haven on the edge of the café scene north of Bogyoke Aung San Market, with a small but selective menu of local dishes.

Try the egg rolls with black sesame and sweat soy sauce or, for something spicy, the Shan tofu cracker with salsa sauce or sweet and spicy tamarind sauce.

The choice of drinks goes beyond standard cafe fare to include fresh tamarind pulp or quince juice.

Old Eain Café does not provide an extensive menu (about 7 items), nor does it provide large plates of food to satisfy the ravenous traveler; what the cafe provides is a place to chill out over coffee or traditional Myanmar tea and a light vegetarian lunch.

The café also supplies products to take away that are a taste sensation. The Tree Food products include palm jaggery, which is a traditional Myanmar after-dinner sweet.

Jaggery is the unrefined nectar collected from the flower of the Palmyra palm, which is then boiled to evaporation, leaving the crystalised nectar with its nutrients.

The plum Masala flavour has a smoky flavour and spicy aftertaste. The ginger flavour delivers a spicy taste with a strong ginger flavour. Other Tree Food products available at Old Eain are jars of tea leaf pesto and chickpea snacks. These products are sourced from farmers in the Bagan area.

Click on the link for more about the social enterprise that Cho Lei Aung has created.

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